21 May 2018
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Towards Excellence

To The Contributors : Towards Excellence," an indexed refereed journal of higher education,    has   a vide scope for scholarly research papers, research proposals, book reviews, policy papers, articles etc. Blind referee system is followed for review of the contributions before publication. No correspondence can be entertained regarding editorial policy. Unpublished original contributions can be submitted within the range of 1,500 words.  Please   submit   all contributions in Microsoft Word File with A4   size paper and 12 point Times New Roman fonts. In case of Gujarati Language use Shruti (system fonts of Windows) fonts and for Hindi use Mangal fonts (system fonts of Windows). Please follow latest M.L.A. Style for documentation and citation of your contributions. The contributors are fully responsible for the content of their work and plagiarism. We accept your contributions through e-mail only.

Email : ascguj@gmail.com

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